On March 17, 2017, the Lord made it possible for us to close on a large building on the Main Street of Granville to use as a "base" for gospel ministry. We now own the 49 Main Street building debt free and have begun the work of renovation (see the pictures below). Our hope and prayer is that we would be able to begin public worship in the building by 2018! 

The 49 Main Street Building

The 49 Main Street Building


some of the first Renovation pictures

The walls are now up, but much more remains to be done (insulation, sprinkler system repair, fire alarm system, drywall, lighting, heating, the kitchen, windows, etc.).To continue the work of construction through the end of the year, we're asking the Lord to provide us with the roughly $80,000 we still need to finish off the first floor.

For a better idea of what the building looks like, and our plans for the space, you can watch the video below:  


Would you prayerfully consider giving financially to help us complete the construction work? Every dollar adds up!

If you would like to give a financial gift to our building fund, you may do so by 1) Writing a check to "New Creation Church" and mailing it to 9778 State Route 22, Middle Granville, NY 12849) or 2) Clicking the button below, and following the simple instructions to create an account with Dwolla and give to us securely via a bank transfer.*

And would you pray for us that the Lord would: 1) help us to trust his timing, 2) increase our faith in him and 3) make his word bear much fruit in our midst and in our town!

*We chose to use Dwolla (although it requires a couple extra steps) to minimize processing fees.