Our Mission is to Love Jesus, Serve People, and Tell the Good News about Jesus. 

Love Jesus
We desire to be a community of forgiven sinners who make it their aim to hear and obey Jesus' infallible word (the Bible), seek Jesus' face (prayer) and meet together regularly (both on Sunday's and throughout the week) in Granville NY as Jesus' family (fellowship).

Serve People
We strive to be a community wholly committed to serving each-other and our town, joyfully giving away our time, talents, and resources that others might experience the love of Jesus through us. Our ultimate hope and prayer in all community service is that others might come to know the love of Jesus who poured out his life for us on the cross. 

Tell the Good News
We long to be a people who are committed to telling the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection for sinners to our children, families, friends, neighbors, and to the world. 

Core values

Word: We Listen to the Bible as our Highest Authority.

Prayer: We Prize Having God’s Ear. 

Fellowship: We Prioritize Being a Part of God’s Family.

Service: We Find Joy in Meeting the Needs of Our Neighbors.

Discipleship: We Seek Help Others become Disciples (Learners) of Jesus.