In the fall of 2014, Adamsville Community Baptist Church of Fort Edward, NY caught a vision to start a new church in the neighboring town of Granville, NY where several of their members have lived and worked for years. In November of 2015, Adamsville called Joel Aubrey to spend the year 2016 as their pastoral resident for church planting and to help them prepare a new congregation for church planting. As a part of this process, Joel went through the NAMB church planter assessment and training process and joined the Baptist Convention of New England (BCNE). More locally, Joel (and New Creation Church) is a part of the Vermont Church Planting Network.

Because Granville, NY is located right on the NY/VT border, these Vermont brothers were more than willing to welcome us into their network. We are very grateful for their encouragement and support on this journey! You can learn more about Vermont Church Planting and our vision for Vermont in the video below.